Dear Friends and Supporters,

Our city faces enormous challenges in keeping the American Dream alive here in New York.  We confront a rising cost-of-living and a hollowed out job market that leaves regular New Yorkers struggling to make ends meet, a hit-or-miss education system that leaves too many kids unprepared for college and the 21st century workplace, and an across-the-board increase in crime after two decades of falling rates.  The devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy will only amplify these problems, just as it has exposed the need to vastly upgrade our infrastructure.

These challenges come at a time when virtually all of city government will be turning over next year -- a new Mayor, Comptroller, Public Advocate, Council Speaker and nearly half the City Council itself.

Such an environment demands experienced, tested leaders who are willing to roll up their sleeves and fight for their community and our city.

After six years in the state assembly -- and sixteen years on my local community board before that --, passing important legislation and delivering for my constituents, I’m confident that I can help us meet these challenges.

Your support and friendship have been key to my success in the past, and are key to my winning this City Council race.  Together we can continue to do great things for New York.



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